Michel-Richard de Lalande (1657-1726)

De Profundis ממעמקים

מתוך פרק מספר 9

                    : פרקי היצירה

  1. De profundis clamavi ad te Domine
  2. Fiant aures tuae
  3. Si inequitates
  4. Quia apud
  5. Sustinuit anima mea
  6. Sustinuit anima mea
  7. A custodia matutina
  8. Quia apud Dominum
  9. Et ipse redimet Israel - Requiem - Et lux perpetua


Variously known as La Lande, de La Lande or Delalande, Michel-Richard Delalande was a chorister at St Germain-l'Auxerrois in Paris and won a reputation as an organist and harpsichordist. In the former capacity he succeeded Charles Couperin at St Gervais, to hold the position until François Couperin came of age. He was later appointed court composer, gradually assuming fuller responsibilities, sharing a position with one unmusical son of Lully and succeeding another as superintendent of the royal chamber music. He enjoyed a successful and prosperous career in the service of Louis XIV and was also honoured by his successor.